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446.72 billion yuan or 40%. Expenditures from these funds came to 1.49847trillion yuan, representing an increase of 530.026 billion yuan or 54.7%. Revenue from the

ransfer payments, a 44.6% increase. The large increase in this▓ last item was mai

funds controlled by the central government reaccent252.566 billion yuan, an increase of 78%. This large increase was mainly attributable to profits from the ▓sale

of lottery tickets coming under budgetary control and strong growth in revenue from the foreign exchange funds controlled by the central government▓. Total revenue includes 20.259 bil

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lion yuan from ▓the fund for developing the Three Gorges Project, 55▓.504 billion yuan from the fund for develop

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ervoirs, 34.814 billion yuan in profits from the sale of lottery t

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eveloping railways, 5.313 billion yuan from civilian airport administr▓ation and developmen

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from port development fees, 20.547 billion yuan taken fr

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